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Opioid Use/Abuse Skyrockets

Opioid (pain medication) use is especially high among our youth who have sports injuries and wisdom teeth removal. Over use/abuse of prescriptions may lead to addiction and use of illicit drugs.

Laura Welborn

LCSW -- A Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist

Learn skills of Mindfulness to "surf" through cravings and identify triggers within groups. Group based therapy is critical in recovery and effective when combined with individual sessions of assessment and vulnerabilities have been identified. Sessions use the evidence based curriculum of Mindfulness Relapse Prevention therapy.


Session 1: Automatic Pilot and Relapse

Session 2: Awareness of Triggers and Cravings S

Session 3: Mindfulness in Daily Life

Session 4: Mindfulness in High Risk Situations

Session 5: Acceptance and Skillful Action

Session 6: Seeing Thoughts as Thoughts

Session 7: Self-Care and Lifestyle Balance

Session 8: Social Support & Continued Practice

Drew Poff

Relapse Prevention: What are you running from?

This is a question that must be asked when in recovery. Unraveling this question and understanding your personal vulnerabilities is critical in the prevention of relapse. Counselor Drew Poff has years of experience in counseling people in Addiction Treatment and Abstinence based treatment. He has developed strategies of understanding addiction with the use of The Addiction Triangle© 2015. 

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